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Uncharted the movie


So a while ago I have written about the teaser trailer to the Uncharted movie with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. I did not see the movie in the cinema and it took quiet a while until it was released on a platform that I already have access to. Two weeks ago, the movie was released on Netflix and I finally watched it…

What did I expect?

So when watching the trailer, I was a bit confused as the description sets the film before the videogames. Still, some scenes clearly reference the videogames and events that should have taken place later. I also suspected that Uncharted the movie will continue using tropes of treasure hunting and robbing.

But I also suspected to get a funny movie, as the videogames certainly are. One of the most iconic things playing Uncharted are the witty dialogues between Nathan and his friends. But also the action that puts you on your toes while watching.

What did I get?

Pretty much what I suspected. Nathan and Sully are searching for treasure in an action-packed movie. They are out for the money, although Nathan has an alibi in searching for his lost brother. In the end, they.. well I won’t spoil the movie for you.

The movie is also funny, at least for the most part and if you are already familiar with the Uncharted humour. I think what makes Uncharted (the videogames) so likeable are the characters and their dialogues. In my opinion the film nails the dialogues, but not the characters. I like Tom Holland, but not as Nathan Drake and I won’t even start to discuss Mark Wahlberg.

Is it a good movie?

Yes, for those who like action movies about treasures like National Treasure (2004) with Nicolas Cage. It is a funny and exciting movie that imitates the videogames, although does not get them.

No, for those who are big fans of the videogame, because I think they will be disappointed. Holland and Wahlberg don’t get to the level of Nathan and Sully. They work on their own, but not together in these roles.

What about you? Did you see the movie?



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