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100 posts!


This is my 100st post, which means that I can call myself a blogger since 100 weeks! Except I do not call myself a blogger really, I call myself an archaeologist that blogs. This started out as an experiment, but over time developed into a habit. Time to have a look back what I did write about and how this blog developed.

This blog

So I started this blog nearly two years ago in order to improve my writing skills and writing discipline. I wasn’t sure how this would develop or if even anybody would read this. As most of you probably know, you often start things that end up dead after a while. I guess this is actually not that bad, but up until now, this blog survived (me). After I had my one-year-anniversary, I wasn’t sure if I’d make a second year, but it seems it worked.

As I gradually increase my readership, I gradually get more motivated to write about the topics that interest me. I write about my work and travels, technologies I use (or stopped using), media like movies or books, and much more. According to my statistics, I got double as much traffic as I had last year, which is a nice development. Many readers find me via Google and not as I thought via Twitter. Most of my readers are from the U.S.

My favourite posts

So, I can also see which posts resonate the best with you, but which posts do I like? Well, I have to admit writing the posts about my PhD and what to do afterwards where the most helpful to me. I also enjoy writing about Archaeogaming, as this is always fun and according to you, my dear readers, Archaeogaming is one of the most visited topics on my page. Nice!

I am currently writing on something about the current pseudo-archaeological series Ancient Apocalypse, which is rewarding too, as I prepared this post with some Twitter discussions, which will be very interesting. All in all, I am quiet happy with this blog so far. Sure, posts are always short and never dig deep, but this is the way I can write them consistently.

Another 100 posts?

I don’t know! So far I am enjoying it, but I am also aware that time is precious and it might be, that if circumstances change (which they will in the next 2 years), availability of time will too. I’ll do my best! So what about you? Are you a regular reader? Let me hear from you and tell me what you enjoyed, but also what not! Let me know, in the comments down below.



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