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Book Review: “The mystery of the Hanging Garden of Babylon” by S. Dalley


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. However, its existence has always been a mystery – until Stephanie Dalley’s book. In…

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My PhD: From Layard to Lara Croft


I published my PhD “From Layard to Lara Croft”, which feels unreal somehow, but there it is, my own work. 275 pages, 50 plates, 3 years of work. Obviously,…

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Announcement: West Asia in the Center


Together with my colleagues from the University of Bochum, Bärbel Morstadt and Aydin Abar, as well as the University of Leiden, Aris Politopoulos, I am organising a three-day digital…