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Publishing a new volume!


So, I have already written about our plans to organise an event on decolonising Archaeology. Also, how we moved that event to the ICAANE in Copenhagen. The workshop was great and this week we finally decided to move on with a publication of the individual presentations! This feels great as we are really looking forward publishing a volume like this.

What did we do?

So we had a chat this week and found a publisher that can create an open access publication for free basically. This is really great, as we have no funding for this. The Forum Kritische Archäologie is a German group that published critical texts and volumes concerned with archaeology:

Interest in the political dimensions of archaeology has grown dramatically around the world. One of the outcomes has been a questioning of archaeological truth claims, which in turn has led to demands for the return of cultural property, questioning who may research, speak and write about the past of Others, and considerations of what kinds of relations we can and should develop to past Others. Today it is scarcely possible to speak about an ethically based, socially responsible archaeology without engaging with these themes.

This self-definition alone seems to be a perfect fit for our volume!

Where we go from here

We now contacted all participants of the workshop in Copenhagen and hope that they are willing to participate in the volume proposed. We gave them until the end of this year to finish a manuscript that has then to undergo a peer-review process. This is very important to us, as we want to produce a sound volume that has undergone critical review.

The peer-review process is planned to be done by PCI Archaeology, a relatively new and great service. Here, you can upload Preprints and get a free and open peer-review for free. We still need to get in contact with the organisers, but the service is free for all, so I guess this should work out.

After the peer-review, the authors will have a bit more time to adapt their chapters, so we finally can set the volume together. We expect a publication not earlier than mid-2024, so we need to be patient of course. As always, I will keep you updated!



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