Photo of the book by Jason Hickel "The Divide". Background image by Aditya Joshi on Unsplash
Book Review

Book Review: The Divide by J. Hickel


As a reader, it can be challenging to find a book that truly challenges your perspectives and makes you question your beliefs. However, “The Divide” by Jason Hickel is a book that does just that. In this book, Hickel explores the vast inequalities that exist in our world. It is not the first book that I review from this author and after reading The Divide, I know why.

What is “The Divide” about?

In the introduction of “The Divide,” Hickel explains how the world is currently divided into two groups: rich and poor. He argues that this divide is not only unjust but also unsustainable. Hickel writes that the global economy is built on a foundation of exploitation and that it is time for us to re-evaluate our priorities.

In the first part of the book, Hickel challenges the idea of development. He argues that the current model of development perpetuates the divide between the rich and the poor. He claims that the rich countries of the world have become wealthy by exploiting the resources and labour of the poor countries.

The Roots of Inequality

In the second part of the book, Hickel delves deeper into the root causes of inequality. He argues that we designed our current economic system to benefit the rich at the expense of the poor. Hickel believes that we need to shift our focus from economic growth to human well-being. Instead of a company-centered world, he proposes a human-centered world.

In the final part of the book, Hickel offers a new vision for the future. He argues that we need to move away from the current model of development. Hickel believes that we need to prioritize the well-being of all people, not just the wealthy few. He offers concrete solutions for how we can achieve this goal, including wealth redistribution, debt forgiveness, and a shift towards a more sustainable economy.


In conclusion, “The Divide” by Jason Hickel is a great book that challenges our perspectives on the world. We already know, that something is wrong with our economy, Hickel explains why. It offers a compelling argument for why we need to address the vast inequalities that exist in our society, even for our own sake. Hickel’s book is a must-read for anyone who has an interest in creating a more just and equitable world.

Dr. Jason Hickel is an economic anthropologist, author, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Photo of the book by Jason Hickel "The Divide". Background image by Aditya Joshi on Unsplash
Photo of the book by Jason Hickel “The Divide”. Background image by Aditya Joshi on Unsplash
Hickel, Jason. 2017. The Divide. A Brief Guide to Global Inequality and Its Solutions. London: Penguin.


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