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DiKopA YouTube Channel


So a while ago, I reported that we got funded for a project in Digital Competencies in Archaeology (German Abbreviation: DiKopA). We are still in the process of getting started and a website will come soon. So far, we managed to create a YouTube Channel and there are already great presentations on it!

What is DiKopA about?

So, as mentioned last time, DiKopA is a project that wants to provide materials for digital literacy in archaeological study programmes. It seems a bit underwhelming coming from a digital archaeologist, but not everyone is doing or teaching digital archaeology. In Germany, there are many study programmes who want to include digital methods. But sometimes they don’t have the means to do so.

DiKopA will try to solve that and create an online hub, where you will find various materials concerning digital literacy. We also want to organise several meetings and workshops to discuss what is needed and how to provide it. This idea was not born out of the blue, as we – as a network – were meeting already for a long time. As a first step, we started to invite people with interesting topics, record them and then present it online. Hence the DiKopA YouTube channel.

What do you find on the DiKopA YouTube channel?

So far, you will find only four presentations, but these are very good. Also, not all of them are in German. In a joint presentation by Helge Svenshon, Jane Kreiser and Stefan Wetherington, the team describes a teaching tool that uses interactive tools to teach about Classical Archaeology. Stephanie Döpper talks about her ArchaeoTrail app (which I also use in teaching). Aris Politopoulos was giving a great talk about Archaeogaming and how to implement this in teaching. Finally, Fabian Stroth is talking about his MARBLE project in which he and his team utilise AR/VR apps.

You can already see the topics are diverse, but also focused on how to teach digital competencies in Archaeology. We already have some ideas for further speakers to this topic. If you have an idea yourself, make sure to drop me a line…

Where to go next?

Well, we want to get more videos on the channel and of course more followers. If you like, please consider following the channel to be sure not to miss out on any interesting talks in the future. We are also in the planning phase of a website that further defines and explains what we are up to and what to expect. If you are interested in the network, make sure to keep an eye open. I will definitely keep you in the loop!



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