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Learning online is common these days and over the last couple of years, I was participating in some courses as well. When I started online learning, there weren’t so many platforms out there, but today, they offer a wide range of topics, methods and experiences. I like to learn and from time to time use these platforms to get into topics I am not familiar with. In this post, I wanted to show the platforms I know and have partly already used. Give them a look, some of them are even free.


Coursera is more of an online university. The courses here are offered by over 200 universities and companies and offer a more academic range of topics. The courses are mostly free, you usually only pay for certificates. Coursera has over 82 million participants and offers even whole degrees. I myself took a course there on public speaking and it helped me tremendously. The quality is really good.


Skillshare is the course platform of YouTubers. Here also you can find a wide range of topics, but in my opinion mostly in the creative business. It has a subscription-based approach, so you pay a monthly fee and have access to all the courses on the platform. They offer over 40.000 courses and many of them are well-made. You can also find a 30-day trial and watch as many courses as you want. The courses here are perfect for a long commute.


Udemy is one of the most famous online platforms out there with 44 million participants, over 65.000 teachers and 183.000 courses. Anyone can upload a course which results in a wide variety of content and quality. You pay per course and the price range is big. They have special offers though, for example at the beginning of each year, where you can get courses to a much smaller price. In my experience, you can find decent courses there and each offers a free introduction, so you can get a feel for the lecturer.


EdX is again a more elite platform with a small range of over 3.000 courses, but they are offered by universities like Harvard, Berkeley or Boston. The topics cover more academic themes, but are overall very interesting. I did not try out this one yet, but definitely will at some point. As far as I can see it, it is more or less comparable to Coursera.


Brilliant finally is something different. The courses are STEM science-themed and offer courses in math, physics, logic or computer science. The format is also interesting as they offer not only videos and simple multiple choice tasks, but real interactive tools to solve problems. Brilliant offers also subscription-based fees and is not free. If you are into these topics though, I guess it is worth a try.



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