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How to have the most productive Christmas


Holidays are upon us and in Germany, Christmas already starts today. In this post, I want to share how you can have the most productive Christmas and use the “time in between years” as much as possible to get things done!

Ok jokes aside, I definitely do not propose working through the holidays, but in every joke, there is also a grain of truth. I really think the following tips can make you more productive. Maybe not during the holidays, but afterwards, so we can freshly apply the mindset behind academic productivity again.


Christmas is for celebration. It doesn’t matter if you exchange gifts or just meet the family (or celebrate Christmas at all for that matter), but take your time off work to do something else. Celebration is often connected to traditions and rituals and in my opinion, it does good to stick to them.

For me it is a festive day with family, a nice meal in the evening and finally some presents. The next two days are usually filled with some trips and more food and family. You can say that this probably is a more or less usual Christmas in Germany, but also elsewhere. I do actually look forward to that.


Relaxation is also an important part of these holidays. Only with relaxation, we can truly empty our mind and be ready for the next project or idea. So besides the eating and opening presents, I actually do relax quiet a bit, as the days shortly before Christmas are usually pretty stressful.

It is a stark contrast though, but in my opinion this contrast makes the holidays even more relaxing. Reading books (so I can review them for you) or just watch a video is usually what settles me down.


Finally, although also part of relaxing, sleeping is an important part of my holiday ritual. I rarely sleep outside of holidays, so these couple of days I use to truly sleep late and long. This also helps me to feel truly relaxed during the holidays (duh!) and prepares me for the next year.

However you celebrate Christmas (or not), I wish you all relaxing days to come and a fresh start into the next year!

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! | Photo by Daniel Reche on Pexels


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