Cover of the book "Communicating the Past in the Digital Age"
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Communicating the Past in the Digital Age – New publication!


My second edited volume is out now! After Size Matters, the new publication Communicating the Past in the Digital Age is a volume on digital teaching and learning in archaeology. Therefore, it covers topics on archaeogaming, learning in the museum, digital tools in the classroom and digital learning environments. This volume represents the results of the international symposium that was held in Cologne between the 12th and 13th October 2018 and is available in print and open access.

Together with Sophie Schmidt, I wrote the introduction to this volume. In addition, I published an individual paper inside. The article covers the way we present reconstructions in archaeology in the past, present and possible future. For an overview of the complete volume with links to the individual open access chapters, see below.

Cover of the book "Communicating the Past in the Digital Age"

Hageneuer, Sebastian, ed. 2020. Communicating the Past in the Digital Age: Proceedings of the International Conference on Digital Methods in Teaching and Learning in Archaeology (12th-13th October 2018). London: Ubiquity.

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Learning in the museum

Digital tools in the classroom

Digital learning environments



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