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Productivity is the buzzword of our age. Get more things done during a day! Also, productivity is to get things done quicker, in order to have more time to yourself.

Cover of the book "Atomic Habits" by James Clear


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Book Review Productivity

The habit of learning. Book Review: Atomic Habits by J. Clear


In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear describes what everyone would like to achieve: becoming a better person by changing your habits and therefore your identity. As students as well as teachers, we want to get into a better habit of learning. According to him, becoming 1% better in…

A laptop with the software Zotero running


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Academia Archaeology Productivity Technology

How I use Zotero to organise all my citations


If you are writing academic papers or even books (like this one) you are in need of a citation manager. Academic articles need citations or in other words sources. These sources need to be listed in some form at the end of (or within) each work. With them listed,…

This image shows a nice and tidy workspace


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Academia Productivity

How to structure a ToDo list


ToDo lists are most certainly one of the most used and also most effective productivity tools out there. It doesn’t matter if you use fancy apps or simple paper post-it notes, as long as you write down what you need to do next, you are using a To-Do list….

Sebastian Hageneuer

Hi! My name is Sebastian. I am an archaeologist, a university lecturer, freelancer, guitarist, karateka and father. You could say I am quiet busy, so I learned to manage my time and energy to build good habits and still have space for myself and my family. Sounds difficult? Read here how I do it. Every Friday.

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